Tippecanoe School Corporation

Supply Lists

2019-2020 Printable Supply List

Please note that a backpack without wheels is required for all grade levels listed below.


4 boxes of 24 CRAYOLA Crayons
12 Yellow #2 Pencils (skinny)
8 Dry Erase Markers (skinny- Black ONLY)
8 ELMER’s glue sticks
1 Fiskars Scissors
2 Pocket Folders with Prongs (1 Blue, 1 Green; name on inside)
3 Composition Notebooks (100 sheet size 9 ¾ X 7 ½)
1 Back Pack (large enough to zip with folders and winter coat inside)
1 Box Kleenex (200+ count)
1 Hand Sanitizer (At least 15 oz) Girls Only
1 Box of Gallon-sized Ziplock FREEZER bags Boys Only
Gym shoes to be kept at school

Grade One

3 Boxes 24-Count Crayola Crayons*

4 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
1 box Skinny Crayola Classic Colors Markers
4 Expo Dry Erase Markers
24 Pencils (Yellow only) Sharpened - Ticonderoga brand are preferred!

1 Fiskars Scissors (pointed)
1 Supply Box
1 Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook (70 pages)

2 Folders with pockets Solid Colors ONLY - (1 Blue and 1 Yellow)
Please label the items listed above with your child's name or initials before the Bulldog Bash.
2 Packs of 3x5 White Note Cards (100 each)

1 Kleenex (regular 200 count)
Optional: 1 of the following - Clorox Wipes, Hand Sanitizer (40 oz.+), Ziploc Quart Freezer Bags or Additional Box of Kleenex

Grade Two


Community Supplies - Please do not label the materials with your child’s name.

1 Box 24 Crayons
4 Large Glue Sticks
1 Pair of Scissors
40 Pencils pre sharpened if possible

4 large pink erasers
1 Supply Box (8x5)
8 Regular Expo Markers
8 Thin Expo Markers
2 Wide-Ruled Black and White Composition Notebooks
1 Box of Kleenex
1 Plastic 12” Ruler
1 Red Plastic 3-Pronged Folder
1 Yellow Plastic 3-Pronged Folder
1 Blue Plastic 3-Pronged Folder
1 Green Plastic 3-Pronged Folder
4 25 Packs of 3x3 Post-It Notes (no note cubes)
1 Clean Sock as an eraser
1 Yellow Highlighter
1 Black Sharpie
Print 5-10 family photos to decorate writer’s notebooks (Stickers are optional)
Girls - 1 Container Clorox Wipes
Boys - 1 Box of Gallon or Quart sized Ziploc Bags (sliders if possible)


Avery Shipping Labels 1” x 2 ⅝”
Avery Shipping Labels 2 x 4
Assorted Sizes 4 Pack of Post-it Super Sticky Notes
Scotch Heavy Duty Clear Packaging Tape

Duct Tape, scotch tape, masking tape

Liquid glue

Grade Three

1 Box 8 Markers (thick)
1 Box Skinny Crayola Markers
2 Boxes 12 Colored Pencils
1 Box 24 Crayons
1 bottle of Elmer's glue
1 Scissors, Pointed
40 Pencils, #2
5  Spiral Bound Notebooks (2-red, 1-blue, 1-green) MUST BE WIDE RULED
5 – Extra Durable Pocket Folders with prongs (1 red, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 green, 1 yellow)
10 Elmers glue sticks
6 dry erase markers and 1 eraser (or sock for erasing)
1 package of quart sized ziploc bags
Boys -1 ream of wide ruled loose leaf paper    Girls- package of sticky notes
Paint Shirts
Gym Shoes
I Box of Kleenex
No notebook binders or Trapper Keepers

Grade Four

1 Box 24 Colored Pencils
1 Box 8 Markers (thick)
4 glue sticks
3 Wide Ruled Spiral Bound Notebooks
2 Erasers
24 Pack - #2 Pencils, Sharpened
1 – 1” Binder
1 Scissors, Pointed
2 pkgs. WIDE RULED Filler Paper
5 Plastic Pocket Folders with 3 Prongs
2 Boxes of Kleenex (200 count)
4 BLACK Expo Dry Erase Markers

1 Pencil Box
wireless mouse (optional)
Gym shoes to be kept at school (optional)
No Trapper Keepers

Grade Five

1 Composition Notebook
wireless mouse (optional)
1 Box Thin Markers (8 count)
1 Box Colored Pencils (12 count)
1 Small Glue Stick
1 Scissors, Pointed
20 Pencils, #2
1 large pink eraser or some pencil top erasers

1 Highlighter
1 Large Kleenex (regular 200 count)
2 Dry Erase Markers
4 Plain Pocket Folders
2 Pkgs. of 3x3 Self-Stick notes
1 Pencil Box or Bag
Gym shoes (if not worn to school)

No notebook Binders or Trapper Keepers

2/3 Multi-Age


24 #2 Sharpened pencils -- Dixon Ticonderoga brand are preferred!
24 Mechanical pencils - BIC are preferred!

2 WIDE-RULED Composition notebooks (not spiral bound or perforated, must have cardboard cover and not plastic cover)
2 Pkg. Super-sticky Post-it notes (3” X 3” UNLINED)
1 Solid purple plastic folder with pockets

1 Solid red plastic folder with pockets
1 Solid yellow plastic folder with pockets

2 sturdy decorative cardboard folders (any design) – must be cardboard so they will stand up for testing

2 Pkg. EXPO dry erase markers (1 regular-sized, 1 thin-sized)
1 old sock (used as erasers for whiteboards)
1 Box Crayola colored pencils
1 Box Crayola skinny markers
2 thin highlighters
1 Elmer’s glue sticks
1 Canvas pencil case (with zipper)
1 Pair scissors
2 container Clorox wipes

1 box gallon Ziploc baggies

1 box kleenex
Print 5-10 family photos to decorate writer’s notebooks

Optional: Stickers for decorating writer’s notebook

Optional: Wireless mouse

Optional: Earbuds/ comfortable headphones

4/5 Multi-Age


24 #2 Sharpened pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga brand are preferred)

24 Mechanical pencils (BIC 0.7 or 0.9 are preferred)

2 Wide Ruled Composition notebooks (not spiral bound or perforated)

2 Pkg. Super-sticky Post-it notes (3”x3” unlined)

2-2 inch binders (Staples makes a great binder called a Better Binder, but that brand is not mandatory.)

2 Pkg. 3x5 Notecards, lined

8 pens (3 blue, 3 black, and 2 any other color)

3 Sturdy decorative cardboard folders (any design) - must be cardboard so they will stand up for testing

2 Pkg. EXPO dry erase markers (1 regular-sized, 1 thin-sized)

2 Pkg. Wide Ruled Filler paper

1 Box Crayola colored pencils

1 Box Crayola skinny markers

2 Highlighters

4 Elmer’s glue sticks

1 Elmer’s White glue

1 Canvas pencil case with zipper OR Pencil supply box for desk

1 pair Scissors

1 container Clorox wipes-4th graders

2 boxes Tissues-5th graders

1 box Ziploc baggies: 4th graders-gallon size; 5th graders-sandwich size

1 Ruler- with standard and metric measurements

1 Protractor (Compass piece is optional)

Optional: Sharpies in colors of your choice

Optional: Wireless mouse (and battery)

Optional: Earbuds/comfortable headphones

Optional: AA batteries for Robotics