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Dayton demonstrates leadership
Dayton demonstrates leadership

Dayton Elementary opened its doors to showcase its "Leader in Me" program April 26. The program teaches 21st century life skills so every child sees that he or she is capable of being a leader.

During the open house event, students led tours for about 50 community members to see the leadership culture the students and staff have developed. Students guided guests to different classrooms where students created stations to demonstrate what they've been learning. In one classroom, students explained the wheel of choices to help solve problems and knowing the difference between tattling and reporting.

Fifth-grade student Graham Hallewell says using the seven habits of highly effective students has changed his life. "It has helped me develop good relationships with others and be helpful to other students, teachers, cafeteria workers and others," says Graham. "The seven habits include being proactive and trying to understand each other before you react."

The program has students assuming leadership roles as part of the school's mission to develop a community of learners and leaders. Dayton Principal Courtney Wildoner says giving a student a leadership role is telling them "I honor the greatness in you."

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