Tippecanoe School Corporation
TSC students get glimpse of manufacturing
Sue Scott

Students from Klondike Middle School learned about manufacturing and possible careers in the industry at the Manufacturing Expo at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds. The event, sponsored by Greater Lafayette Commerce, had students work through four different stages: Design it, Produce it, Move it and Support it.

Social studies teacher Neil Radtke says eighth grade students were thrilled to be a part of the event: “They especially liked learning about all the aspects of manufacturing and seeing some of the real-world problems and solutions. They also liked to be able to ask questions to people who have chosen careers in manufacturing.”

"I learned about the many different jobs that there are and was particularly interested in aeronautics,” says student Sasha Lyutikova. “I also enjoyed the station where we had to use cooperation to get jobs done faster. Overall, it was a great and fun learning experience."

"I learned about the processes of french fries and how they went from factory to restaurant,” says Alex Wedekind. “I also got to explode something, so that was pretty cool."

Student Maddie Nelson adds, "It was very fun because I got to do many hands-on activities to learn about different jobs. I especially liked learning about how cars are made and looking at the inside of a car."

Earlier in the week, students from Cole Elementary School and Dayton Elementary School participated in Manufacturing Week activities. Greater Lafayette Commerce held half-day workshops for younger students that focused on LEAN, supply chain activities and teamwork activities. 

students at 3D printer
KMS students at Manufacturing Week
Students look on at a demonstration