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Lemonade stand returns to Dayton
Sue Scott

Students at Dayton Elementary School are squeezing a little more out of lemons to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). The second grade students held a lemonade stand to raise money for the organization that funds research to find better treatments and cures for childhood cancer.

Second grade teacher Aspen Kitchell says the students finished an economics unit and learned about how people in our community can use their money. Then, students could apply for different positions to operate the business. “By the end of the lemonade stand, we hope that the second graders can feel accomplished with their teamwork to support other kids just like them,” says Kitchell.

Students, staff members and families came to the cafeteria to purchase a cup of lemonade or a sweet treat for one dollar each, while the second grade students operated the stand. This is the first year for the lemonade stand since the pandemic. The second grade class also hosted a Penny War the week before the lemonade stand to raise more than $1,200 for ALSF.

second grade students ready to serve
A second table ready to serve
lemonade stand visitors also got to choose a sweet treat
Students helped serve sweet treats